He skates on the trees.
He skates on the trees.
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Max Murphy pro model for StrangeLove Skateboards, furry Max creature skating over dry well graphic by Sean Cliver.
StrangeLove Skateboards

Max Murphy / Tree / 8.25 Deck

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  • Artwork by Sean Cliver
  • Manufactured at BBS (Heat Transfer)
  • Dimensions: 8.25 x 32.0
  • Specs: Nose: 7.0 / Tail: 6.6 / WB: 14.25
  • Note: All sales are final. Can't say that any simpler. Unless the product is defective in the manufacturing sense, we will not accept any returns—in other words, you bot it, you bought it.
  • Product Description: Mini Max? Technically speaking, yes, because Max exclusively rides his 8.5 shape, but we're slowly learning that you can catch more fish with a double barrel shotgun. Actually, maybe we need to speed up our learning situation, particularly so when it comes to fishing.

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