Hello darkness, my old friend...
Hello darkness, my old friend...
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Sean Cliver / Chris Pontius / 10.0 Deck

Sean Cliver / Chris Pontius / 10.0 Deck

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  • Artwork by Sean Cliver (autographed)
  • Manufactured at PS Stix
  • Hand-Screened at Screaming Squeegees
  • Caveat: Be aware that blemishes and imperfections are an expected and accepted part of the screen-printing process. Each board is screened by hand, one at a time, layer upon layer, making each print unique unto its own—just like snowflakes! That said, sorry, but we will not consent to any returns unless the graphic is determined to be unacceptable at our discretion. Please take this into consideration prior to ordering any screen-printed boards.
  • Dimensions: 10.0 x 32.675
  • Specs: Nose: 7.0 or 6.5 / Tail: 7.0 / WB: 14.5 or 15.0 (Double Drilled)
  • Note: All sales are final. Can't say that any simpler. Unless the product is defective in the manufacturing sense, we will not accept any returns—in other words, you bot it, you bought it.
  • Product Description: As a young boy I religiously scoured the pages of TV Guide—a once indispensable digest-size magazine that contained all the show listings in a given week (but now might as well be an obscure illuminated manuscript known only to medieval monks)—in hopes of finding Atomic Age sci-fi movies buried deep within the wee weekend hours. Giant ants, giant tarantulas, giant locusts, giant lizards, warring gargantuas,  50-foot women… the bigger and wackier the better (Night of the Lepus definitely took that prize). I stayed up to all hours of the night, devouring them all, and then gorged myself like Francisco Goya’s Saturn on even more obscure radioactive monsters once the VHS revolution began (hmm… a reference to yet another outdated antiquity of ancient mankind), but at no point through all of this then did I even once dare dream that I, too, might one day play a Hollywood hand in helping a giant monster onto the silver screen—or, in this particular case, a whopping big tallywhacker—and take the box office by absurd storm in jackass forever. Anyway, that monster physically belonged to jackass star Chris Pontius, who rose 40-stories high out of the pages of Big Brother skateboard mag to find himself with a very unique worldwide fame, and I am duly honored to have had the opportunity to give his green guy a whole new graphic life on a complementary super-sized, pink-painted board to match. —Cliver

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