Sean Cliver / Us and Them 7.75 Deck
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Sean Cliver / Us and Them 7.75 Deck

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  • Artwork by Sean Cliver (with a signage assist from Dave Carnie)
  • Manufactured at PS Stix (Heat Transfer)
  • Dimensions: 7.75 x 31.5 (WB: 14)
  • Product Description: Don't laugh, I know at least two people who still get busy on the sevens, one of whom used to be a pro for the A-Team. HA! Remember that ill-fated company? No offense to the riders, of course, but that was a branding faux pas from the marketing get go. In fact, had this thought occurred to me when I was ordering wood, I probably would have requested all the stains be lime green, but instead this bottom comes aqua blue as a mandrill's ass. 
  • Warning: Since the dawn of mankind, top stain veneers have come in a variety of colors and the one shown here is for display purposes only. In other words, we cannot guarantee a specific color so please be pleasantly surprised with the one you receive and not get all bent and butt-hurt about it.

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