Ted Barrow / Man Proposes God Disposes Zine

Ted Barrow / Man Proposes God Disposes Zine

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  • Words by Theodore Barrow
  • Second Printing (Nothing new… just two corrections made to a typo and an embarrassing blunder on the back cover.)
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 (12 pages)
  • Product Description: We hereby acknowledge the fact that cheapskates walk among us, so if you just wanted the zine and not the board then fine, here you go—keep on walkin' cheaply. At least you can still do so with your head held high in the smug satisfaction of being a supporter of small press print. But that's not all! In recognition of your modern day saintly act in a damned digital age, we've gone to great and elaborate lengths to include a sticker of many colors with the primarily black-and-white zine.

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