Sean Cliver / Naturist Print
Sean Cliver / Naturist Print

Sean Cliver / Naturist Print

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  • Artwork by Sean Cliver
  • 11-color screen-print on white stock
  • Dimensions: 10 x 31.25
  • Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 90
  • Product Description: Prude or Never Nude? If so, this print probably isn't for you—and that's okay. Not everything is for everybody. I mean, if it was, don't you think that would make for a rather boring and bland world? Rhetorically questioning, of course, because it's not like you can leave a comment in response or anything. But if you're curious as to the inspiration behind this design, I guess you could say it all goes back to that bullshit line about how if you're ever nervous about speaking in front of a crowd of people you should just picture them all in their underwear. Me, I get the shakes just going out in public period, so a trip for me to the "Happiest Place on Earth" is more akin to going waterboarding in Guantanamo Bay. How do I survive? Imagineer that everyone around me is parading about in their birthday suits (although, admittedly, I could have gone way more hog wild with the tattoos, what with this supposed to be representative of Orange County and all). 

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