Glitter Logo / Pink / T-Shirt
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Glitter Logo / Pink / T-Shirt

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  • Glitter Appliqué Front
  • Available in Sizes S - L
  • Product Description: A word of caution: There are four different colors available for these custom-made shirts, so that means four different descriptions—or at least in my wordy world. Other companies, fuck it, most don't care in the personal sense; what you product see is what you product get. Not us, though! We care so much it hurts, but that's half the fun of going for broke, right? Anyway, a while back my wife Donna, aka Kimchi & Grits, bought this nifty vinyl cutting machine and realized we could make custom logo tees using a variety of heat transfer materials—our favorite being a sparkly glitter that made us feel all fancy and shit. Now you can feel fancy, too! Go disco or go home.

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