Summer Of Love / Tie-Dye / T-Shirt
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Summer Of Love / Tie-Dye / T-Shirt

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  • Artwork by Sean Cliver
  • Screen-printed Front
  • Available in Size M
  • Product Description: Ever since I slipped in through a side door in the skateboard industry, I've lived by the motto, "Wardrobe By Free." As such, I've had to sacrifice any real ego or care about what I wear and just ride the tumultuous fashion tides as they ebb and flow, from goofy boy raver to swishy panted athletic goon and the perennial all-black gear with a pop of Pabst color. But when tie-dye and camo came down the pike, I was like, "Fuck yeah!" Finally something I could feel relatively comfortable in to complement my lifelong quest of arrested development. And now we have our first ever tie-dyed product! So please buy this or my partner will never order the damn up-charged things again, and I honestly don't know how long Keith Hufnagel will humor my sporadic promo requests.

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