Man has only himself to fear now…
Man has only himself to fear now…
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StrangeLove Pack #12 / Stickers

StrangeLove Pack #12 / Stickers

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  • New Header Card
  • Polyethylene Bag
  • Two Staples
  • 17 Adhesive Forms
  • Note: All sales are final. Can't say that any simpler. Unless the product is defective in the manufacturing sense, we will not accept any returns—in other words, you bot it, you bought it.
  • Product Description: What can I say about these stickers that I've never said before? Not much, really. Just more arty crap on adhesive backed paper that you can stick anywhere you please if you're the sticking type. If you're not, that's fine too. Just toss this bag in a shoe box and simply forget about it until the next time you move. —Cliver

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