Vert brigade, jacked germs, and Florida folklore.
Vert brigade, jacked germs, and Florida folklore.
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CineLogo / Killah Bee Son / T-Shirt
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CineLogo / Killah Bee Son / T-Shirt

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  • Screen-printed 
  • Available in Size S–3XL
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  • Product Description:
    I smoke the bead of the skunk, tree top of the trunkMoonshine drunken monk, your head get shrunkYour treasure sunk, I be #*@*ing bitches by the chunkMy name black, you worms wanna play in my dirtBitch stop, my Momma serve free lunch from the churchI cum like a thousand dovesBitch you quiet at the bus, making no fuss, I got self loveUnglove the noose, watch a ninja transfuseDirty add to the fuse, heavy at the booze
    I don't walk, I get carriedGold and platinum Frisbees on my wall, looking properlyBut comely, I U.F.O. you Wright BrothersThe Indian that sold Manhattan to the white manMy grandfather, step up and get knocked right the fuck outCome to the cook-out, dirty bitch at the mouthYou scared, run around like the plane about to crash
    Wu-Tang motherfuckers
    —Ol'Dirty Bastard, on Reunited 

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