Sean Cliver / Uncle Sam 8.5 Deck

Sean Cliver / Uncle Sam 8.5 Deck

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  • Artwork by Sean Cliver (signed)
  • Manufactured at PS Stix
  • Screen-printed by Screaming Squeegees
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 32.25 (WB: 14.25)
  • Product Description: You don't need an all-seeing third eye to know the art of Rick Griffin had a significant influence on the seminal forefathers of skateboard art, most notably Wes Humpston (Dogtown), VCJ (Powell-Peralta), and Jim Phillips (Santa Cruz), and this being the 50th anniversary of the "Summer of Love" means we're dragging out the dead hippie horse and kicking it hard—so hard. Wonder of wonders, though, we finally launched a holiday release on the actual damn holiday it was meant to be for—Merry 4th of July!—which means this is going to be a sure-fire international turd sales-wise. Oh well. To harken back to a satirical slogan on one of the Blind Jason Lee shirts that accompanied his classic "American Icons" graphic: USA #1!
  • Warning: Since the dawn of mankind, top stain veneers have come in a variety of colors and the one shown here is for display purposes only. In other words, we cannot guarantee a specific color so please be pleasantly surprised with the one you receive and not get all bent and butt-hurt about it.

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