Why am I such a misfit? I am not just a nitwit.
Why am I such a misfit? I am not just a nitwit.
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She Ghoul / 8.5 Deck
StrangeLove Skateboards

She Ghoul / 8.5 Deck

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  • Artwork by Sean Cliver
  • Manufactured at PS Stix
  • Screen-printed at Screaming Squeegees
  • Dimensions: 8.25 x 32.25
  • Specs: Nose: 7.0 / Tail: 6.75 / WB: 14.25
  • Product Description: Perhaps the greatest thing about George Romero's original trilogy—or maybe just Dawn of the Dead (1978), I guess—was not just the landmark makeup effects by Tom Savini but the satirical sucker punches thrown at the materialism of modern day society, where the zombie horde was shown shambling about the insides of a shopping mall in a gruesome reflection of life before death with no real difference between the two. Well, aside from the dead's dietary predilection for human flesh over a nice, cool Orange Julius or a beefy Hot Dog on a Stick. —Cliver
  • Warning: Since the dawn of mankind, top stain veneers have come in a variety of colors and the one shown here is for display purposes only. In other words, we cannot guarantee a specific color so please be pleasantly surprised with the one you receive and not get all bent and butt-hurt about it.

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