The Disposable Skateboard Bible
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The Disposable Skateboard Bible

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  • Hardcover Book (signed)
  • Metallic Foil Cover Wrap
  • Stitched-In Bookmark
  • Product Description: Ten years ago, AKA 2009, Sean Cliver convinced Ginkgo Press to publish The Disposable Skateboard Bible as a follow up to his first book, Disposable: A History of Skateboard Art (a completely separate and different book, mind you, because confusion still abounds to this day as to whether or not it's the same book—rest assured, it's not, so if you own one then you absolutely have to own the other too), and it has stayed in print ever since. Woohoo! This just happens to be the 10th anniversary, though, so with the latest edition they dolled the book up in a fancy-ass silver cover, slapped a commemorative sticker on it, and that's it—nothing else is new, the contents are the exact same, so if you already own a previous edition then there's no need to punish your credit card any further. Unless, of course, your copy is beat to shit and stained with god knows what, in which case you may want to upgrade if only for condition's sake. Bonus! Sean signed every copy available via the StrangeLove site, so if you're a big fan of DNA then there's probably some of his to be found on the inside cover page (black light not included).

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