Beers, steers, and ears.
Beers, steers, and ears.
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StrangeLove Skateboards Chicken Fight Deck depicting Prince, Morrissey, and Robert Smith in a swimming pool by the artist Chris Reed.
StrangeLove Skateboards

Chicken Fight / 8.6 Deck

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  • Artwork by Chris Reed
  • Manufactured at BBS  (Heat Transfer)
  • Dimensions: 8.6 x 32.5
  • Specs: Nose: 7.0 / Tail: 6.625 / WB: 14.6
  • Note: All sales are final. Can't say that any simpler. Unless the product is defective in the manufacturing sense, we will not accept any returns—in other words, you bot it, you bought it.
  • Product Description: Stop me if you've heard this one before. Three musicians enter a pool and the first one says… No, seriously, just stop me now because I'm not even sure how to arrive at or what the punchline would even be. Mostly because Chris Reed beat everyone to the punch by taking three unusual suspects and placing them in an even more unusual Jenga of human proportions. Anyway, fan of one, fan of none, no matter. It's a full-size pool cue for all your Pood Park needs. —Cliver

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