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Beers, steers, and ears.
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a tale of two flyers

Not so much a grandiose tale in the epic Dickensian sense, but rather a quick heads up that a lot of our heads will all be in Tampa this April for the highly anticipated annual Tampa Pro Vert & Street contests being held at SPoT, April 4–7. As you know, every year they tap a new artist to decorate the course along with all the propaganda that surrounds the Pro and Am events, and the offer ended up on my desk for 2024—an honor, to say the least, because I've always had a soft spot for the hardcore nature of Brian Schaefer's SPoT empire.

This first flyer represents the contest event itself. Not much more I can say about that. You have a gaggle of sponsors, an artful teaser, and all the necessary details should you wish to attend in person or watch from the safety of your own home.

The second flyer pertains to an art show being thrown up in the Bricks—a fine dining and drinking establishment found at the base of the Ybor shaft. If you're a fan of all things StrangeLove, you'll want to pay particular attention to the details here, because in addition to the whole art aspect we'll be popping up release-style with our "Legends of Vert" guest model series, featuring Mike Frazier, Paul Zitzer, and Brian Howard—all of whom once skated the ever-loving hell out of the SPoT vert ramp in the '90s. See the connection? Good, because we really went the distance on this one with boards, tees, exclusive prints, and possibly more. So, if you suddenly feel the burning desire to book a trip to Tampa this coming April, we totally understand and will be more than happy to see you and your credit card there. —Sean Cliver


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  • Jackie Dunston on

    The eclipse is on April 8th and we’re heading to Texas to be in totality if not for that I would not miss this chance to see your artwork in person. Congratulations on being this year’s artist chosen to decorate the course.

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