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Beers, steers, and ears.
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strangelove goes to designercon

I probably should have posted this a couple weeks back, but I don't always remember this site can also be used as a promotional news outlet. I mean, I do, sometimes, or rather mostly only when it comes down to significant product launches, but I'm also perpetually behind the eight ball in my StrangeLove tasks where everything seems to always have to come down right to the stressful fucking wire. That said, today's live wire of anxiety is the upcoming Designercon event in Anaheim, CA, this coming weekend.

What's a Designercon? Nerd heaven, basically. Just imagine a glorious bunch of illustrators and toy makers and sellers all getting together in a convention hall—let's say the Anaheim Convention Center for example's sake—to showcase and hawk their creative wares. And that's just what I'll be doing in four days. So if this sounds like your idea of a good ole time and you're Southern California and you know it, or just happen to have an assload of disposable frequent flyer mileage with not a scheduled care in the world, why not pick up a ticket and stop by booth #2900 because that's where I'll be with a couple of exclusive-ish products for the show along with a bunch of other random year-end detritus from the warehouse.

For further information, please check out these big colorful boxes with more details to show than I care to type:


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